“The Future of Meat”, thoughts.

by Matilde Ruo, (4BS) Meat has become an issue since we have realized its impact on our planet, in terms of carbon emissions and animals’ treatments in intensive farming. The question is how humans can be effective on this problem. What can and should we do concretely in order to prevent any further negative consequences... Continue Reading →

Correlation between environment and diseases

by Mia Albasi, Beatrice Castelli, Teresa Covini, Giulioemanuele Girometta, Chiara Marcarini (3BS) Progress is based on humans’ curiosity. The physicist Isaac Newton said “To go forward you have to leave something behind”,  meaning that in order to achieve progress, a cost has to be paid and if this is not considered it will cause problems... Continue Reading →

May/June 2019 Entry (ISCRIZIONE)

Entries for the May/June 2018 series must be made within the 15th of March 2019 (termine inderogabile). In order to enter download the International GCSE Entry 2019, fill it in with your details and hand it in to our staff at the Segreteria Didattica. DOWNLOAD: International GCSE Entry - 2019

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